Risk Management

With global incident numbers rising a professional risk management system is crucial for organisations working worldwide. It is our objective that (potential) security incidents should not affect the strategic goals of your organisation. CSE therefore offers you a risk management system so you can effectively mitigate security risks.

We provide the most accurate context analysis and we make sure that you can identify risks in a very early stage. With a CSE risk assessment you know what the ‘probability of occurrence’ versus the severity of a potential impact can be. We can furthermore help your organisation with managing (potential) threats with our risk option & treatment plans and develop state-of-the-art contingency plans.

Our consultants are senior professionals, who  travel all over the world to help organisations set up or improve risk management systems. In case a risk management system is already in place, our consultants assess the system and identify possible risks and threats in order to improve your existing procedures.

In the end our services are always tailored to the needs of your organisation. So when it comes down to risk management; CSE should be your professional security partner.

    • Risk management system
    • Context & Identification analysis
    • Risk assessment and risk & threat analysis
    • Risk option & treatment plans
    • Contingency plans and standard operating procedures
    • Development of country (or region) specific security plans
    • Assessment of existing risk management plans and procedures
    • Tailor-made services: risk management services for specific needs
    • Fully operating risk management system
    • Your documents are state-of-the-art and updated
    • Peace of mind
    • Your staff feels more secure
    • Duty of care is taken into consideration
    • Your plans and analysis are written by professional experts with extensive security experience
    • Continuity of your security management
    • A systematic and structured process
    • You can focus on your strategic goals
    • Initial development and implementation of a risk management system
    • Updates of risk management plans and procedures
    • Auditing and improving existing Risk management systems
    • Interim risk management consultancy
    • Be continually or periodically re-assessed
    • Tailor-made solutions

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