Crisis Management Simulation

Aim of the course:

With an ever increasing hostage and kidnap industry, chance of pandemics and sudden outbreaks of violence more and more organisations prepare for such events. This course enables staff with crisis management responsibility to train skills and knowledge on how to deal with a crisis. It also allows an organisation to test its crisis plans in a real life simulation. This way, you can improve your crisis plan with the lessons learned before an actual crisis occurs.


The trainer will give you feedback and the theoretical knowledge to prepare for a crisis. In a one day simulation, your plan is tested. Afterwards you will receive thorough feedback and advice on improving your crisis management organisation and plans.  The simulation is a multi-media and highly interactive process involving professional actors. All information is handled discreetly.

Crisis Management

In cases of a crisis involving any member of your staff there is a need for a planned response from HQ for coordinating all aspects of the incident. This involves management at both the strategic and tactical levels and the development of strategies incorporating governments and law enforcement liaison, victim family support and media handling.

You may wish to have an input on the structures you should have in place during such a crisis and an overview of some basic negotiator skills when receiving the initial report and demands.

At the end of this module you will learn:

    • To identify the authority and responsibilities of a crisis management team
    • To identify the tools and minimum security procedures for crisis management
    • To cooperate in an effective manner in a crisis management team
    • To identify possible gaps or weaknesses in your organisation’s crisis plan

Crisis Simulation Exercise

By means of a crisis simulation a crisis plan is tested in a practical situation. Furthermore, participants learn to explore and observe their personal reactions. It will be a multi-media dynamic process achieving maximum learning in a safe learning environment. At the end of the simulations participants will be better prepared to deal with any such life or death situation. After the evaluation, the organisational crisis plan can be improved using the lessons learned.

At the end of this module you will learn:

    • To deal with family matters
    • To deal with the media
    • To apply basic negotiating skills
    • To effectively function as a team when managing a stressful crisis situation
    • To develop or enhance your crisis plan