CSE offers security training & consultancy services to organisations working in hazardous environments.

Do you work and travel in risk areas?

For whom and why

          • For organisations travelling and working in Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and Asia.
          • Global incident numbers show that safety & security measures are a necessity for working in these regions.


      • Part of your Duty of Care
      • Your staff will feel more confident
      • Improves your travel risk management and business continuity
      • Reduces the risk of reputational and financial damage

Security Services

Training Courses

Our training courses increase the personal and professional effectiveness of  business travellers and expats when facing potentially dangerous situations. These training courses enhance your travel risk management.


CSE can help you in all kinds of ways when it comes to security advice. In case you need help with (re)writing policies and travel risk management plans, with interim security management or making an accurate Risk Assessment, CSE is there for you. Our advice is always tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Crisis Management

With an ever increasing hostage and kidnap industry, chance of pandemics, severe traffic accidents and outbreaks of violence, your organization should be prepared for calamities

About Us

CSE is a spin-off from Centre for Safety and Development (CSD). CSD is one of the largest non-profit security services providers worldwide.

CSD supports around 200 international organisations. CSD is CEDEO, Lloyds and CRKBO certified and offers training courses to more than 1300 participants per year all over the world. The participants score these training courses with an average of 9,2 (out of 10).

The services of CSE are based on more than a decade of experience from CSD.

Centre for Safety and Development
  • State-of-the-art Services

    CSE develops, in cooperation with CSD, the training & consultancy solutions that fit the rapidly changing environment in which organisations operate.

  • Worldwide reach

    We organise our training courses and consultancy projects all over the globe.

  • Rapid response

    Rapid response, we are used to organise projects on short notice.

  • Safe learning environment

    Our courses are organised in a safe learning environment.